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We learn from our clients all the time, and this week was no exception. Today’s post contains a few tricks for reviewing resumes while focusing on the job function match and reducing the chances for unconscious bias rearing its ugly head.

We all know someone (or we might even be the someone) who can look at a person’s name and assume some of their demographic qualities. Oftentimes, those who do don’t even realize it. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can change how we approach someone which, in a work environment, can create a multitude of problems

For this particular client, they have a process worth considering.

First, they have someone unrelated to the hiring process assign a number to the resume, then redact the person’s name, email, and zip code. The zip code part might sound confusing, but it is to prevent assumptions based on the area of town someone lives on.

The screening person or team is then given the redacted, numbered resumes for comparison against the job description. This is where we were impressed by the level of organization they displayed.

For the review of the person’s qualifications, the resume reviewers literally put the resume next to the job description and write the number(s) of the job description’s requirements next to the line(s) on the resume that address them. The reviewers can then make notes about the correlations (e.g. ‘exact experience we need,’ ‘closely related to what we’re asking for,’ etc.) between the two. The resume number is then used to identify the candidates they want to bring in and interview. No one sees a name until just before the person walks in to be interviewed, and only then so the interviewer knows how to greet them.

This process isn’t for every company. But, as your company continues to grow, it is something worth keeping back-of-mind. Hiring (and human resources management, in general) is a opportunity to introduce risk into your business, and using a blind or semi-blind method for candidate screening is a way to help reduce that risk.

But, more importantly, it demonstrates creativity that most small business owners have, and that all should strive for. After all, you’ve solved countless problems to build your company to this point, and finding new ways to grow is never a bad thing.

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