Project Management doesn’t have to be hard

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We started using a long time ago to manage customer projects, and even the content we post here. It has allowed us to manage the work we do for our clients long before we brought actual project managers on board.

And yes, there is a free version that works for the solopreneur and small teams — there are limits, of course, be we used the free version for years before we finally had to pony up to be able to deliver additional value.

The biggest advantage for us (and most of our clients) is the flexibility — you can view your tasks as a kanban board, a list, a calendar, or a combination. For our content calendar, we upload the images, links, and draft text directly to Monday so our team can collaborate all in one place.

We use and we like it so much that we recommend them specifically to all our clients who need help with task and project tracking. Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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